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We’ve joined forces with our friends at musicMagpie, to give you a special deal on refurbished phones, tablets and other tech. 

Saving you money and reducing e-waste! 

You will find the latest high-quality, pre-loved technology, complete with 

12-month warranty.

Why buy with musicMagpie?

The trusted source of refurbished electronics.

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Your rental agreement includes a FREE Lifetime Warranty. 

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Buy or rent games consoles from as little as £11 a month.

Microsoft Xbox One 

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How does it work?

Our partners at musicMagpie let you buy repaired and refurbished tech at a lower cost, saving you money and reducing e-waste, CO2 emissions and natural resource usage.

Why musicMagpie?

We know that you, as a Wob customer, love the buzz of buying used – getting great value and doing your bit to help the planet. So we’ve joined forces with our friends at musicMagpie for a short time, to give you a special deal on refurbished phones, tablets and other tech. Saving you money and reducing e-waste!

What are refurbished electronics?

Refurbished electronics (or refurbished technology) are electrical items (think phones, laptops, PCs) that have been sold to a company that fixes, debugs and resells the item on to new customers. It is a reseller’s duty to describe the condition of the item as accurately as possible.

The reseller will then send you the device with the basic peripherals required for it to function, such as the accompanying charger to a phone or laptop.

In some cases, the customer has simply sent in their electronic devices because they changed their mind but cannot return it to their main seller. This makes it virtually new, meaning you’re receiving a piece of tech that’s fully functional for far less money. What a steal!

Is it safe to buy refurbished electronics?

Every year musicMagpie see the latest release in consumable tech. From iPhones with three cameras to ultra-thin laptops, it can be hard to pay for (let alone keep up!) with the latest in tech and costs aren’t exactly going down either.

That’s where refurbished electronics come in. They’re a fantastic investment that can save you £100s if not £1000s compared the same product in a new condition. Whether it’s laptops, phones or smartwatches, it’s perfectly safe to buy refurbished electronics from trusted resellers.

Before googling “refurbished electronics” and clicking on the first link you find, it’s good to know what refurbished electronics actually are, how they differ from brand new tech and how you can ensure you’re buying refurbished items safely and securely.

Why buy refurbished over new electronics?

The main advantage of buying refurbished over a brand new product is the price difference. You can save on phones, laptops, PCs, smartwatches and so much more. With musicMagpie, expect to pay anywhere up to half price than what you’d pay if it was brand new.

If you want the best value for your money then refurbished electronics are the way to go. The only downside is you can’t always find the latest model of your desired tech, although most people find the previous model suits their needs just as well.

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